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Mobile application's concept to help students stay focused

As part of ICAN’s Web Design Bachelor course, one of our semestrial project was to conceptualize and build an app on the theme of “concentration”. The demand was to design an application and a website to help students (target audience) go “offline” and focus on their work. We had to add to our project gaming elements, as well as social features. Adding to the computer systems, a commercial video had to be created to promote the product.


Orb is, simply put, an application which would reward the user regarding their time spent working and encourage them to pursue by offering them special coupons and exclusive offers depending of their implication. Starting from the observation that modern users are constantly solicited by their smartphones and push notifications, that they sometimes have trouble organising their schedules and truly disconnect themselves from the social network environment, we theorised that a system of rewards would add another motivation to push users forward.

The user would configure, before starting, the “session” time (with a minimum of thirty minutes). After starting the counter and while it counts down seconds, the smartphone would be “blocked” to other uses — like social networks and entertainment apps. Meanwhile, calls go straight to voicemail and messages are quietly received for later consultation. The user is able to choose different screen display while they work: luminotherapy (the screen lights up with different shades of colors to help them relax), playlists (musics imported by the user or chosen by the app’s defaults sets) or a combination of both.

After the objective is fully reached, the user can claim a reward — namely, coupons or exclusively offers to use in a selection of bars, restaurants, cinemas and other entertainment locations of interest. The social aspect comes to play if the user so chooses to share their progresses and results on their personal networks.


  • ICAN
  • Bachelor of Web Design
  • 21 Rue Érard, 75012 Paris (FR)
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