Mathilde Luce-Lucas

Web developer

ICAN Showcase



Collaborative whiteboard experience

As part of ICAN’s open days, several delegates were chosen by their courses’ respective Dons to represent the school in front of prospective future students. I was therefore chosen, as the first Web Design’s course honor student, to build an application, on my free time, that would showcase technologies learnt during my years following classes there.

I chose to build a collaborative whiteboard, encouraging visitors to go on the website (on their smartphones or using one of the school’s computers) and draw together, the main focus being creating a fun and memorable experience. Although I stayed near the computers to answer visitors’ questions, the website also had a pop-up with various information on the technologies it used for easy bookmarking.

Two years later, after I graduated and went to study computer science in a neighboring university, I was happy to learn from a junior at ICAN I had been the one convincing him to join the Web Design course.


  • ICAN
  • Bachelor of Web Design
  • 21 Rue Érard, 75012 Paris (FR)