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Dessine-moi une Histoire


PHP, JavaScript, Three.JS, SCSS

A full marketing campaign for the launch of a Moleskine product intended for children.


During the third year of the Web Design Bachelor at ICAN, after developing all throughout the first semester our concept of specialized communication agency Merlin, my team and I were given the task of designing an event and a website and/or a mobile application in relation to this event. The project had to meet three criteria:

  • Designed around the idea of there being a before (the project)/during/after.
  • The website had to come with a CMS, custom-made or not
  • The website had to be fully functional and hostedonline

By adopting these criteria and the founding pillars of our agency Merlin, we imagined that, for the launch of its new product SmartKidz (fictive product), the company Moleskine would have used our services. Together, we would have therefore planned the « Dessine-moi une histoire » event.

The event is a writing contest and a marketing plan designed to introduce parents and children to a new interactive and innovative system for learning, drawing and writing.

Our goal as a creative agency is, first and foremost, to efficiently present the product to parents, children and schools. We must also maintain Moleskine's image as a designer of luxury goods, while giving the notebook and its pen the image of a daily tool, accessible to all - the product must be seen as a working instrument, but also as a tool of learning and entertainment. Finally, another one of our main goals in this campaign, is to un-demonize the digital in the eyes of parents and schools, demonstrating the benefits of such a tool. We must ensure that the digital part of the object stimulates children’s personal development and creativity, persuading them of the merits of this technology.

Before, during and after

  • Before the event: Presentation of the product and launch of the writing contest on the « Dessine-moi une histoire » website — a contest in which children can participate alone, in groups or in class. The marketing of the event is done through various channels such as introductions in private schools and recreational centers or the purchase of advertisement spots in magazines, webzines and parenting blogs.
  • During the event: The results of the contest are announced at the launch of the Smart Writing Set notebooks during the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse (noted "SLPJ"). We therefore have a booth at the heart of the event (details below) and set up many product-discovery activities in addition to the announcement of the winners.
  • After the event: Exhibition of the drawings made during the competition and the SLPJ on the web platform of the event. Winning stories are illustrated by professional cartoonists, leaving blank spaces for children to complete. The purchase of customized notebooks is possible.

The place

The marketing booth of "Dessine-moi Une Histoire", set to be incorporated inside of the SLPJ, was created by interior designer and 3D artist Patricia Ferreira Revelino. With the purpose of being a place to promote livescribe notebooks, the area of 15.80 x 7.22m was decorated with an open layout where the main public (children from 6 to 12 years old) can join different types of activities.

Working with the same color palette as the official promotional website, the space stands out especially by the use of the colour chenin, which also helps to stimulate creativity due to its orange hue.

On the walls, various shelves of different lengths showcase the different types of notebooks available, and is also decorated with quotes from the book Le Petit Prince - which is the inspirational source of the project’s name.

Desks designed with straight lines where kids can draw with their livescribe notebooks are complemented with the Basel Chair, by designer Jasper Morrison, and a big screen takes the center of the place where informational ads about the products will be broadcasted.

On the left, we have an area for diverse activities such as live reproduction of drawings made on livescribe notebooks, story-telling and distribution of awards and goodies; decorated with comfortable bean bags and rugs of different colours and sizes.


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